Section 651-A:7

    651-A:7 Eligibility for Release; Life Sentences. – A prisoner serving a sentence of life imprisonment, except one convicted of murder in the first degree, one convicted of murder which was psycho-sexual in nature and committed prior to April 15, 1974, or one sentenced under RSA 632-A:10-a, III, may be given a life permit at any time after having served 18 years. Eighteen years shall be deemed the minimum term of his sentence for the purposes of this section, minus any credits received pursuant to RSA 651-A:23, plus the disciplinary period added to such minimum under RSA 651:2, II-e, any part of which is not reduced for good conduct as provided in RSA 651-A:22, provided that there shall appear to said board to be a reasonable probability that he will remain at liberty without violating the law and will conduct himself as a good citizen. The provisions of this section shall not apply to a prisoner serving a life sentence when the court, pursuant to RSA 630:1-b, II, has specified a minimum term other than that prescribed in this section.

Source. 1983, 461:16. 1992, 254:9, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.