Section 651-A:6

    651-A:6 Terms of Release. –
I. Any prisoner released on parole shall be given a permit by the board to be at liberty from prison during the unexpired portion of the maximum term of his or her sentence. The decision to release a prisoner shall be governed by the following rules:
(a) A prisoner may be released on parole upon the expiration of the minimum term of his or her sentence, minus any credits received pursuant to RSA 651-A:23, plus the disciplinary period added to such minimum under RSA 651:2, II-e, any part of which is not reduced for good conduct as provided in RSA 651-A:22, provided that there shall appear to the adult parole board, after having given the notice required in RSA 651-A:11, to be a reasonable probability that the prisoner will remain at liberty without violating the law and will conduct himself or herself as a good citizen.
(b) [Repealed.]
(c) [Repealed.]
II. [Repealed].
III. The release of prisoners sentenced to the state prison in accordance with sentencing provisions of law in effect prior to November 1, 1973, shall be governed by the law in effect immediately prior to November 1, 1973. However, except for prisoners serving sentences pursuant to conviction of murder in violation of RSA 585:1, murder which is psycho-sexual in nature as defined in RSA 607:41-d, and manslaughter in the first degree in violation of RSA 585:8, and for the purpose of determining eligibility for release on parole only, the minimum term of a prisoner who has been sentenced in accordance with sentencing provisions in effect prior to November 1, 1973, shall be deemed to be either the longest minimum sentence which could have been imposed for a class A felony under RSA 651:2, II, or his actual minimum sentence, whichever is shorter.
IV. Prior to the release of any inmate on parole from the state prison, or upon termination of the inmate's sentence to the state prison, the commissioner and the department of safety shall provide a nondriver's picture identification card pursuant to RSA 260:21 to the inmate upon release if the inmate does not already possess a valid driver license or nondriver's picture identification card. The failure of the commissioner and the department of safety to provide the inmate with the required nondriver's picture identification card prior to appearance before the parole board shall not constitute a cause for delaying the inmate's release on parole, if approved.

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