Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision

Section 651-A:26

    651-A:26 Definitions. –
As used in this compact:
I. "Adult" means both individuals legally classified as adults and juveniles treated as adults by court order, statute, or operation of law.
II. "Bylaws" mean those bylaws established by the interstate commission for its governance, or for directing or controlling the interstate commission's actions or conduct.
III. "Compact administrator" means the individual in each compacting state appointed pursuant to the terms of this compact responsible for the administration and management of the state's supervision and transfer of offenders subject to the terms of this compact, the rules adopted by the interstate commission and policies adopted by the state council under this compact.
IV. "Compacting state" means any state which has enacted the enabling legislation for this compact.
V. "Commissioner" means the voting representative of each compacting state appointed pursuant to this compact.
VI. "Interstate commission" means the interstate commission for adult offender supervision established by this compact.
VII. "Member" means the commissioner of a compacting state or designee, who shall be a person officially connected with the commissioner.
VIII. "Non-compacting state" means any state which has not enacted the enabling legislation for this compact.
IX. "Offender" means an adult placed under, or subject, to supervision as the result of the commission of a criminal offense and released to the community under the jurisdiction of courts, paroling authorities, corrections, or other criminal justice agencies.
X. "Person" means any individual, corporation, business enterprise, or other legal entity, either public or private.
XI. "Rules" means acts of the interstate commission, duly adopted pursuant to this compact, substantially affecting interested parties in addition to the interstate commission, which shall have the force and effect of law in the compacting states.
XII. "State" means a state of the United States, the District of Columbia and any other territorial possessions of the United States.
XIII. "State council" means the resident members of the state council for interstate adult offender supervision created by each state under this compact.

Source. 2003, 230:2, eff. Jan. 1, 2004.