Section 651-A:22

    651-A:22 Credits for Good Conduct. –
I. The commissioner of corrections shall, on a monthly basis, review the conduct of each prisoner subject to parole to determine whether the prisoner shall receive credit for good conduct as provided in this section.
II. The commissioner shall by rule determine the standards for the earning of credit for good conduct. Such rules shall not be subject to the provisions of RSA 541-A. Such rules shall establish standards for prisoners to receive credit for participating in programs designed to reduce recidivism of participants, as determined by the commissioner.
III. If, as a result of the review provided in paragraph I, the commissioner determines that a prisoner has exhibited good conduct, he may reduce the additional disciplinary period provided in RSA 651:2, II-e of such prisoner by up to 12-1/2 days for each month during which the prisoner has exhibited such good conduct.
IV. Credits may be granted subject to the provisions of this section provided that:
(a) Any prisoner who escapes from the state prison or from custody of any person charged with his custodial safekeeping, or from the limits of his minimum custody or community corrections boundaries or agreements will automatically suffer the loss of all accrued good conduct credits. This loss is in addition to and not in lieu of any other administrative or judicial punishment later imposed for the escape.
(b) Any serious act of misconduct or insubordination, or persistent refusal to conform to prison regulations during his confinement shall subject the prisoner to the loss of all or any portion of such credits, at the discretion of the commissioner.
(c) The commissioner at his discretion may restore all or part of the good conduct credits lost under subparagraphs (a) or (b) should the prisoner later demonstrate exemplary behavior.
(d) Provided further, that upon a prisoner's release on parole any such credits earned prior to his release shall not thereafter be lost.
V. Any good conduct credit earned against a maximum sentence by a prisoner before August 22, 1979, except for loss in the manner provided by this section, shall be unaffected by enactment of this section.

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