Section 651-A:2

    651-A:2 Definitions. –
As used in this chapter:
I. "Prisoner" means any adult person who has been committed to the custody of the commissioner of corrections.
II. "Parole" means a conditional release from the state prison which allows a prisoner to serve the remainder of his term outside the prison, contingent upon compliance with the terms and conditions of parole as established by the parole board.
III. "Board" means the adult parole board.
IV. "Commissioner" means the commissioner of corrections.
V. "Department" means the department of corrections.
VI. "Violent crime" shall include those defined as violent crimes in RSA 651:5, XIII and the following:
(a) RSA 173-B:9, violation of protective order.
(b) RSA 631:2, second degree assault.
(c) RSA 631:3, felony reckless conduct.
(d) RSA 631:4, criminal threatening involving the use of a deadly weapon.
(e) RSA 633:3-a, stalking.
(f) RSA 635:1, burglary.
(g) RSA 641:5, tampering with witnesses and informants.
(h) RSA 650-A:1, felonious use of firearms.
VII. "Intermediate sanction program" means a community-based day or residential program that is designed for use as a swift and certain sanction for a parole violation, in lieu of parole revocation.

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