Section 651-A:17

    651-A:17 Parole Revocation. – Any parolee arrested under RSA 651-A:15-a shall be entitled to a hearing before the board within 45 days, in addition to any preliminary hearing which is required under RSA 504-A:5. The parolee shall have the right to appear and be heard at the revocation hearing. The board shall have power to subpoena witnesses and administer oaths in any proceeding or examination instituted before or conducted by it, and to compel, by subpoena duces tecum, the production of any accounts, books, contracts, records, documents, memoranda, papers or tangible objects of any kind. If the board, after a hearing, finds that the parolee has violated the conditions of parole, violated the law, or associated with criminal companions and in its judgment should be returned to the custody of the commissioner of corrections, the board shall revoke the parole. A prisoner whose parole is revoked shall be recommitted to the custody of the commissioner of corrections. This provision shall not apply to a parolee who has accepted an option, offered by a probation/parole officer, to participate in an intermediate sanction program and has waived his or her right to counsel and to a preliminary hearing under RSA 504-A:5.

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