Wireless Telephone Cloning

Section 638:24

    638:24 Restitution; Civil Action; Forfeiture. –
I. The court may, in addition to any other sentence authorized by law, sentence a person convicted of violating this subdivision to make restitution to the appropriate telecommunication service provider.
II. A telecommunication service provider aggrieved by a violation of this subdivision may, in a civil action in any court of competent jurisdiction, obtain appropriate relief, including preliminary and other equitable or declaratory relief, compensatory and punitive damages, reasonable investigation expenses, costs of suit, and attorney fees.
III. Any property used in committing, or to facilitate the commission of, offenses under this subdivision is subject to forfeiture, including but not limited to access devices, defaced access devices, readers, wireless telephones, cloned wireless telephones, computers, computer systems, computer networks, hardware, software, any data residing or stored in any of the foregoing, and radio frequency scanners.

Source. 1997, 298:30, eff. Jan. 1, 1998.