Section 625:4

    625:4 Territorial Jurisdiction. –
I. Except as otherwise provided in this section, a person may be convicted under the laws of this state for any offense committed by his own conduct or by the conduct of another for which he is legally accountable if:
(a) Either conduct which is an element of the offense or the result which is such an element occurs within this state; or
(b) Conduct occurring outside this state constitutes an attempt to commit an offense under the laws of this state and the purpose is that the offense take place within this state; or
(c) Conduct occurring outside this state would constitute a criminal conspiracy under the laws of this state, and an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy occurs within this state, and the object of the conspiracy is that an offense take place within this state; or
(d) Conduct occurring within this state would constitute complicity in the commission of, or an attempt, solicitation or conspiracy to commit an offense in another jurisdiction which is also an offense under the law of this state; or
(e) The offense consists of the omission to perform a duty imposed on a person by the law of this state regardless of where that person is when the omission occurs; or
(f) Jurisdiction is otherwise provided by law.
II. Subparagraph I(a) does not apply if:
(a) Causing a particular result or danger of causing that result is an element and the result occurs or is designed or likely to occur only in another jurisdiction where the conduct charged would not constitute an offense; or
(b) Causing a particular result is an element of an offense and the result is caused by conduct occurring outside the state which would not constitute an offense if the result had occurred there.
III. When the offense is homicide, either the death of the victim or the bodily impact causing death constitutes a "result" within the meaning of subparagraph I(a) and if the body of a homicide victim is found within this state, it is presumed that such result occurred within the state.
IV. This state includes the land and water and the air space above such land and water with respect to which the state has legislative jurisdiction.

Source. 1971, 518:1, eff. Nov. 1, 1973.