Section 564:1

    564:1 Bonds. –
I. Every trustee to whom any estate, real or personal, is devised in trust for any person shall give bond to the judge of probate, with sufficient sureties, or without sureties in estates of five thousand dollars or less where the judge finds it in the interest of the estate, in such sum as the judge may order, except as provided in RSA 564:2, conditioned:
(a) That the trustee will make and file in the probate office a true inventory of the real estate, goods, chattels, rights and credits so devised, at such time as the judge shall order.
(b) That the trustee will annually render an account to the judge of the annual income and profit thereof, unless excused by the judge of probate as provided by law.
(c) That at the expiration of the trust the trustee will adjust and settle his or her account with the judge, and pay and deliver over all balances, money, and property with which the trustee has been intrusted.
(d) That the trustee will faithfully execute the trust according to the true intent of the devisor.
II. Except as provided in RSA 564:19, IV, this section shall not apply with respect to any trust exempted from the accounting requirements under RSA 564:19, II.

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