Chapter 555

Section 555:1

    555:1 Complaint of Administrator, Etc. – Any person suspected of having concealed, embezzled or conveyed away any of the personal estate of a deceased person may, upon complaint of the administrator, an heir, legatee or creditor of the deceased person, be cited to appear before the judge and be examined, under oath, for the discovery of the same.

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Section 555:2

    555:2 Use of Evidence. – No evidence elicited on such examination shall be used against the person examined in a criminal prosecution except in a prosecution against him for perjury in such examination.

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Section 555:3

    555:3 Counsel. – Upon the examination the person suspected shall be entitled to employ counsel, who may cross-examine him as to any matter deemed material arising in the course of the investigation.

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Section 555:4

    555:4 Refusal to Appear, Etc. – If the person so cited refuses to appear, or to answer interrogatories upon oath respecting the estate, the judge may, by warrant, commit such person to the house of corrections, there to remain until such person consents to answer such interrogatories, or until released by the complainant or by order of the probate court.

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Section 555:5

    555:5 Complaint of Guardian, Etc. – On a like complaint of a guardian in relation to property of his ward, or on complaint of a creditor, relative or friend of the ward, like proceedings may be had.

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