Section 550:10

    550:10 Publication of Notice in Newspaper. –
I. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, whenever notice is required to be published in a newspaper by any provision of this title, the register of probate shall cause such notice to be published 2 weeks successively in a newspaper which circulates in the town or city in which the person whose estate is involved last resided, or in the county whose court has jurisdiction, or otherwise as ordered by the judge.
II. The register of probate may select the newspaper for publication, provided only that it is a newspaper in the English language, unless the judge shall otherwise order. The register may publish a notice in a newspaper in other than the English language, provided that he also publishes the same notice in a newspaper in the English language at the same time. The first such publication shall be at least 2 weeks before the day or thing of which notice is given and the second publication shall be at least 7 days before the day or thing of which notice is given, unless otherwise ordered by the judge.
III. The register of probate may publish in one notice the necessary information pertaining to more than one estate, provided, however, that each separate subject matter such as the appointment of a fiduciary, a hearing on an account, a hearing on a license to sell real estate, or any other designated subject matter shall have a specific designation within each such notice.
IV. Prior to such publication, the fiduciary of the estate concerned shall advance and pay to the register of probate the cost of such publication as determined by the register, and a fee to the register as established by the supreme court under RSA 490:27. The fiduciary shall be allowed said sums so paid to the register in his account.

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