Section 541-A:14

    541-A:14 Final Adoption. –
I. An agency may adopt a properly filed final proposed rule after:
(a) The passage of 45 days from filing of a final proposal under RSA 541-A:12, I, or 60 days from filing under RSA 541-A:12, I-a, without receiving notice of objection from the committee;
(b) Receiving approval from the committee;
(c) Written confirmation is sent to the agency by committee legal counsel relative to agency compliance with the committee's conditional approval pursuant to RSA 541-A:13, V(a);
(d) Passage of the 50-day period for committee review of the preliminary objection response, or revised objection response, if applicable, provided that the committee has not voted to sponsor a joint resolution pursuant to RSA 541-A:13, VII; or
(e) Final legislative action, as defined in RSA 541-A:1, VI-a, is taken on the joint resolution sponsored pursuant to RSA 541-A:13, VII(b) or the passage of the 90 consecutive calendar days specified by RSA 541-A:13, VII(c), whichever occurs first.
II. The text of the adopted rule shall be the same as the text of the final proposed rule submitted under RSA 541-A:12, unless revised by the agency in direct response to the committee's written objection or as otherwise provided in RSA 541-A:13. The director of legislative services may refuse to accept for filing any final rule which contains changes, other than minor editorial changes, that are not specifically made in accordance with the procedures provided in RSA 541-A:13, II(b) or RSA 541-A:13, V. The agency shall identify each minor editorial change in writing to the director of legislative services.
III. The agency shall file all adopted rules with the director of legislative services.
IV. Adopted rules shall become effective under RSA 541-A:16, III on the day after filing by the agency, or at a later date, provided that the agency so specifies in a letter to the director of legislative services, and further provided that the agency does not establish different effective dates for different provisions within the same rule. If the agency has specified a later effective date, the agency may modify the date by providing a statement to the director of legislative services which shall indicate the new effective date and all reasons for modifying the date. The statement shall be published by the director of legislative services in the rulemaking register. No modified effective date shall occur earlier than the date of publication in the rulemaking register. The director shall maintain a file of all currently effective rules, and each agency shall maintain a file of its own currently effective rules, both of which shall be open to the public.

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