Chapter 605

Section 605:1

    605:1 Minors, etc. – No minor under the age of 17 years, except with the consent of his parent, nor any person supposed to be of unsound mind shall be permitted to plead guilty or shall be put upon trial until counsel has been appointed to advise him and conduct his defense. If such person is poor, witnesses may, on motion of his counsel, be summoned in his behalf at the expense of the county.

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Section 605:2

    605:2 Counsel Fees. – Whenever counsel is appointed to advise with a minor or a person of unsound mind and to conduct his defense as provided by RSA 605:1, the counsel shall be entitled to receive, from the town or county in whose behalf the action is prosecuted, reasonable compensation for his services.

Source. 1873, 47:1. GL 261:5. PS 254:5. PL 368:6. RL 428:6.

Section 605:3

    605:3 Plea of Lesser Offense. – A person indicted may plead guilty of any minor offense which is included in the indictment, and if such plea is accepted by the state's counsel, judgment shall be rendered thereon.

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Section 605:4

    605:4 Nonacceptance of Plea. – If a plea of guilty to a minor offense tendered under RSA 605:3 is not accepted, it may be withdrawn and a plea of not guilty may be entered, and in such case the former plea shall not operate against the accused at his trial.

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Section 605:5

    605:5 Refusal to Plead. – Whenever a person indicted stands mute or refuses to plead, the court shall order the plea of not guilty to be entered, and it shall have the same effect as if the accused had pleaded not guilty.

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Section 605:6

    605:6 Plea of Nolo Contendere. – A plea of nolo contendere may be accepted in any criminal case, and when such a plea is accepted, the court or justice may enter a finding of guilty upon such plea. Evidence of a plea of nolo contendere or of the finding entered thereon shall not be admissible in any civil action against the defendant.

Source. 1967, 197:1, eff. Aug. 13, 1967.