Chapter 604

Section 604:1

    604:1 Capital Cases and First Degree Murder. – Every person indicted for an offense punishable by death or for murder in the first degree shall be entitled to a copy of the indictment before he is arraigned thereon; to a list of the witnesses to be used and of the jurors returned to serve on the trial, with the place of abode of each, to be delivered to him 24 hours before the trial; and to process from court to compel witnesses to appear and testify at the trial; provided, however, the justice presiding at the trial may admit the testimony of any witness whose name and place of abode is not on the list hereinbefore provided for upon such notice to the respondent as he, the presiding justice, shall direct, whenever, in his discretion, he deems such action will promote justice.

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Section 604:1-a

    604:1-a Repealed by 2015, 249:16, XI, eff. Oct. 1, 2017. –

Section 604:2, 604:3

    604:2, 604:3 Repealed by 1965, 296:4, eff. July 1, 1965. –