Chapter 602

Section 602:1

    602:1 Parts of Offense in More Than One County, etc. – Offenders shall be prosecuted and tried in the county or judicial district thereof in which the offense was committed. But if any person is feloniously stricken, wounded or poisoned in one county or judicial district thereof and dies thereof in another, or if parts of an offense are committed in more than one county or judicial district thereof, the offense shall be deemed to have been committed, the offender may be prosecuted, and the trial may be had in either county or judicial district thereof.

Source. RS 225:2. CS 240:2. 1863, 2722. GS 242:9. GL 260:9. PS 253:8. PL 367:7. RL 427:7. RSA 602:1. 1992, 284:83, eff. July 1, 1992.

Section 602:2

    602:2 Arraignment and Bail of Defaulters. – A justice of any district, municipal, or superior court in this state shall hold an arraignment and bail hearing on any person who has been arrested on a warrant for default of a court appearance or nonpayment of a fine, regardless of the county or judicial district in which the warrant was issued. The court, with the agreement of the state and the defendant, may accept a plea of guilty or no contest.

Source. 1996, 182:1, eff. June 3, 1996.