Section 595-A:3

    595-A:3 Form of Warrant. – The warrant shall be in substantially the following form:
The State of New Hampshire
(County), ss. (Name) Court.
To the Sheriffs of our several counties, or their deputies, any State Police Officer, or any Constable or Police Officer of any city or town, within our said State.
Proof by written statement under oath (supplemented by oral statements under oath) having been made this day before (name of person authorized to issue warrant) by (names of person or persons whose written statements under oath have been taken) that there is probable cause for believing that (certain property has been stolen, embezzled, or fraudulently obtained; certain property is intended for use or has been used as the means of committing a crime; contraband; evidence of the crime to which the probable cause upon which the search warrant is issued relates.)
We therefore command you in the daytime (or at any time of the day or night) to make an immediate search of (identify premises) (occupied by A.B.) and (of the person of A.B.) and of any person present who may be found to have such property in his possession or under his control or to whom such property may have been delivered, for the following property:
(description of property)
and if you find any such property or any part thereof to bring it and the persons in whose possession it is found before (name of court and location).
Dated at (city or town) this .......... day of .........., 20......

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