Chapter 593

Section 593:1

    593:1 Order of Court. – Any justice of the superior court may order that the likeness or photograph of any person accused or convicted of a crime be taken and used for the purposes of identification, or otherwise, whenever he shall deem it necessary or proper to do so, and the reasonable expenses thereof shall be paid by the county.

Source. 1883, 5:1. PS 248:16. PL 362:16. RL 421:16.

Section 593:2

    593:2 Custodian of Prisoner. – Any officer or keeper of a prison or other place of detention, having in custody any prisoner, suspicious person or lodger, may, if deemed advisable, measure and describe, or cause such person to be measured and described, in accordance with the system commonly known as the Bertillon method for identification, and in addition may take such photographs as are deemed necessary and also may take copies of the fingerprints of such person in accordance with the fingerprint system for identification.

Source. 1907, 24:1. PL 362:17. RL 421:17.

Section 593:3

    593:3 Order of County Attorney. – The county attorney may order an officer or keeper holding a person described in RSA 593:2 to make such measurements and description of any prisoner so held, and, when so ordered, the expense thereof shall be paid by the county.

Source. 1915, 113:1. PL 362:18. RL 421:18.

Section 593:4

    593:4 Repealed by 1994, 224:3, eff. Jan. 1, 1995. –