Section 592-A:7

    592-A:7 Complaints. –
I. (a) Criminal proceedings before a circuit court shall be begun by complaint, signed and under oath, addressed to such court, briefly setting forth, by name or description, the party accused and the offense charged, provided that a complaint filed by a police officer, as defined in RSA 106-L:2, I for a violation-level offense or a class B misdemeanor shall not require an oath. All complaints filed by a police officer shall include the officer's signature and printed name and notice that making a false statement on the complaint may result in criminal prosecution.
(b) Any signature required under this section may be by means of electronic signature pursuant to RSA 294-E.
II. The description of the accused may include an identifiable ridge skin impression or a DNA profile. A complaint that contains only an identifiable ridge skin impression or DNA profile, and that alleges one or more of the following offenses shall, upon its filing, toll the applicable statute of limitations under RSA 625:8:
(a) Capital murder under RSA 630:1.
(b) First degree murder under RSA 630:1-a.
(c) Second degree murder under RSA 630:1-b.
(d) Manslaughter under RSA 630:2.
(e) Negligent homicide under RSA 630:3.
(f) First degree assault under RSA 631:1.
(g) Second degree assault under RSA 631:2.
(h) Aggravated felonious sexual assault under RSA 632-A:2.
(i) Felonious sexual assault under RSA 632-A:3.
(j) Kidnapping under RSA 633:1.
(k) Arson under RSA 634:1, I-III.
(l) Robbery under RSA 636:1.

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