Section 490-F:5

    490-F:5 Circuit Court Judges and Masters; Appointment; Tenure. –
I. On the effective date of this chapter, the circuit court shall consist of those justices and masters previously appointed and commissioned by the governor and council as prescribed by the constitution and the laws of the state of New Hampshire. The tenure of office of persons serving as justices or special justices of the district and probate courts or marital masters in the judicial branch family division and superior court shall not be affected hereby, and they shall continue in office as judges or masters respectively of the circuit court.
II. Judicial and master appointments to fill vacancies which exist on the effective date of this chapter in the former probate and district courts and in the former judicial branch family division shall be to the New Hampshire circuit court. No judicial officer appointed to the circuit court shall be appointed to a particular location; however, the assignment of a circuit court judge to a particular location shall be within the discretion of the administrative judge of the circuit court who shall take into account the weighted caseload and judicial need of that location.

Source. 2011, 88:1, eff. July 1, 2011.