Section 53-G:4

    53-G:4 Vote on Establishing District. –
I. The governing bodies shall cause the question of accepting any proposed agreement to be presented for determination by vote of the respective legislative bodies. In municipalities that hold town meetings, the proposed agreement shall be voted on at the next annual town meeting or at a special town meeting called for such purpose. In all other municipalities, the legislative bodies shall vote on the proposed agreement within 60 days of the governing bodies' receipt of the proposed agreement, as approved by the attorney general under RSA 53-G:2, V. The question to be voted on shall be: "Shall the (insert name of municipality) accept the provisions of RSA 53-G:1-RSA 53-G:11 providing for the establishment of a communications district, together with the municipalities of __________ in accordance with the provisions of the proposed agreement filed with the (insert appropriate office for governing body)?"
Approval by a legislative body shall be by simple majority. If all of the legislative bodies vote in the affirmative, the proposed communications district shall thereby be established in accordance with the terms of the proposed agreement. Otherwise, the district shall not be established, except as specified in paragraph II.
II. The proposed agreement may contain a provision for the establishment of the district when more than one but not all of the legislative bodies vote in the affirmative. Such provision need not require any additional votes by the legislative bodies in order to establish the district, but it may not include in the district any municipality, the legislative body of which did not approve the proposed agreement.

Source. 2020, 28:7, eff. July 22, 2020.