Section 53-G:3

    53-G:3 Communications District Agreements. –
The business affairs and actions of a district shall be conducted and governed pursuant to the terms, conditions, and provisions of its district agreement. The agreement shall include but not be limited to the following:
I. A list of the municipalities included in the district.
II. Provisions for the sharing of planning, construction, operating, and maintenance of equipment, infrastructure, and services, if any.
III. The method of selection and method of removal of representatives to the district governing board, whether by legislative or governing bodies; the number of representatives; the terms of office of the representatives; rules of procedure concerning the method of conducting the board's business; and, except as provided otherwise by law, the powers, duties, and authorities of the district governing board officers.
IV. A description of equipment, infrastructure, and sites, if applicable.
V. The terms by which other municipalities may be admitted to the district or a member municipality may withdraw from the district before or after debt has been incurred.
VI. The method by which the district agreement may be amended including conditions under which an amendment shall be approved by the governing or legislative bodies of member municipalities.
VII. The procedure for dissolution of the communications district before or after debt has been incurred.
VIII. Provisions for varied levels of participation by member municipalities in equipment and infrastructure, if applicable.
IX. The procedure for the preparation and adoption of the annual budget, including the apportionment of district expenses and a schedule of payments, if applicable, and other procedures relative to governing the district's fiscal affairs in accordance with RSA 53-G:9.
X. The procedure, if any, for establishing the district when not all of the legislative bodies vote to approve the district agreement, as provided in RSA 53-G:4, II.
XI. The funding sources that are acceptable to the district such as: federal, state, regional broadband and economic development grants or loans, general obligation bonds, revenue bonds, private investment or loans, subscriber fees, and member contributions.

Source. 2020, 28:7, eff. July 22, 2020.