Section 53-G:1

    53-G:1 Definitions. –
In this chapter:
I. "Board" means the governing board of the district.
II. "District" means a communications district of 2 or more municipalities established under this chapter.
III. "Equipment and infrastructure" means any and all parts of any communications system, owned, leased, or otherwise contracted by the district, whether using wires, cables, fiber optics, wireless, other technologies, or a combination thereof, and used for the purpose of transporting or storing information, in whatever forms, directions, and media, together with any improvements thereto constructed or acquired after the effective date of this chapter, and all other facilities, equipment, and appurtenances necessary or appropriate to such system. "Equipment and infrastructure" shall not apply to communications facilities, or portions of any communications facilities, intended for use by, and solely used by, a district member and its own officers and employees in the operation of municipal departments or systems of which such communications are merely an ancillary component.
IV. "Governing body" means "governing body" as defined in RSA 21:48.
V. "Legislative body" means "legislative body" as defined in RSA 21:47.
VI. "Long-term contract" means a contract for communications services, or an equipment or infrastructure lease for 5 years or more.
VII. "Member" means any city, town, unincorporated town, or unorganized place that elects to form or join a communications district under this chapter.
VIII. "Municipality" means any city, town, unincorporated town, or unorganized place.
IX. "Person" means any individual, partnership, company, corporation, firm, governmental unit or agency, or any other legal entity.

Source. 2020, 28:7, eff. July 22, 2020.