Section 52:4

    52:4 Appropriations. –
I. No village district shall raise or appropriate money, or reduce or rescind any appropriation of money previously authorized, at any special meeting of the voters thereof except by vote by ballot, nor unless the ballots cast at such meeting shall be equal in number to at least 1/2 of the number of voters of such district at the regular meeting next preceding such special meeting; and if a checklist was used at the last preceding regular meeting the same shall be used to ascertain the number of voters in the district; and such checklist, corrected according to law, shall be used at such special meeting upon request of 10 voters. In case of an emergency arising in a district for which immediate expenditure of money is necessary, the district through its commissioners may appeal to the superior court for permission to hold a special district meeting which, if granted, shall give said meeting the same authority as the annual district meeting.
II. Ten days prior to petitioning the superior court, the district commissioners shall notify, by certified mail, the commissioner of the department of revenue administration that an emergency exists by providing the commissioner with a copy of the explanation of the emergency, the warrant article or articles and the petition to be submitted to the superior court. The petition to the superior court shall include a certification that the commissioner of the department of revenue administration has been notified pursuant to this paragraph.

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