Section 52:1

    52:1 Establishment. –
I. Upon the petition of 10 or more voters, persons domiciled in any village situated in one or more towns, the selectmen of the town or towns shall fix, by suitable boundaries, a district including such parts of the town or towns as may seem convenient, for any of the following purposes:
(a) The extinguishment of fires;
(b) The lighting or sprinkling of streets;
(c) The planting and care for shade and ornamental trees;
(d) The supply of water for domestic and fire purposes, which may include the protection of sources of supply;
(e) The construction and maintenance of sidewalks and main drains or common sewers;
(f) The construction, operation, and maintenance of sewage and waste treatment plants;
(g) The construction, maintenance, and care of parks or commons;
(h) The maintenance of activities for recreational promotion;
(i) The construction or purchase and maintenance of a municipal lighting plant;
(j) The control of pollen, insects, and pests;
(k) The impoundment of water;
(l) The appointing and employment of watchmen and police officers;
(m) The layout, acceptance, construction, and maintenance of roads; and
(n) The maintenance of ambulance services.
II. The voters who are domiciled in any village shall cause a record of the petition, pursuant to paragraph I, and their proceedings thereon to be recorded in the records of the towns in which the district is situate.

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