Section 52-A:4

    52-A:4 Procedures for Initiation of Special Assessment Districts. –
I. Proceedings for the establishment of a special assessment district may be instituted by a petition filed with the governing body. The petition shall:
(a) Describe the boundaries of the territory which is proposed for inclusion in the special assessment district and include a map clearly delineating the boundaries.
(b) Contain a proposed improvement plan, as defined in RSA 52-A:1, I, for the special assessment district.
(c) Be signed by the owners of at least 50 percent of the lots within the proposed district, representing at least 65 percent of the assessed valuation within the proposed district. The name of each property owner signing the petition shall be indicated clearly on the petition, along with a listing by street address or lot number of all properties owned. In the case of any property that is owned jointly or in the name of a corporation, partnership, trust, or other legal entity, the signature and authority of any person purporting to represent the owner or owners shall be presumed valid for that purpose, subject to challenge. In the event of any dispute about the validity of such a signature or the authority of the person purporting to represent the entity, the decision of the governing body shall be conclusive.
(d) Designate a representative of the petitioners solely for the purpose of payment of mailing costs under RSA 52-A:5, I.
II. If the governing body finds that the petition is signed by the requisite number of petitioners under subparagraph I(c), that finding shall be final and conclusive.

Source. 2015, 240:2, eff. Sept. 11, 2015.