Administrative Service

Section 49-C:21

    49-C:21 Departments; Administrative Code. – The city shall have departments, divisions, and bureaus as may be established by the charter or as the elected body may establish by ordinance. It shall be the duty of the first chief administrative officer, under the provisions of the charter to draft and submit to the elected body within 9 months after assuming office, an ordinance consistent with the charter which provides for the division of the administrative service of the city into departments, divisions and bureaus and defines the functions and duties of each. The ordinance shall include provisions for a merit plan to insure that all appointments and promotions in the service of the city shall be made solely on the basis of merit and only after appropriate examination or review of the applicants' relative knowledge, skills, abilities and experience. Subsequent to the adoption of such ordinance, upon recommendation of the chief administrative officer, the elected body by ordinance may create, consolidate or abolish departments, divisions and bureaus and define the functions and duties of each. The compilation of such ordinances shall be known as the "Administrative Code." Each officer shall have supervision and control of his department and of the employees of his department and shall have power to prescribe rules and regulations, not inconsistent with general law, the charter, the administrative code, and the provisions of the merit plan. Prior to adoption of the administrative code the chief administrative officer shall have the power to establish temporary rules and regulations to insure economy and efficiency in the several divisions of the city government.

Source. 1991, 304:11, eff. Aug. 23, 1991.