Section 33:7-b

    33:7-b Anticipation of Federal or State Aid. – A municipality may contract for or accept grants of federal or state aid or both in connection with any project for which the municipality may incur indebtedness under this chapter; and, after their receipt, such grants shall be expended according to the terms under which they are received or used to pay indebtedness incurred under this chapter. Any municipality which has contracted for or accepted an offer of a grant of federal or state aid or both, and any municipality which has not contracted for or accepted such aid but which has authorized such action and which has received a certificate from the department of environmental services stating that the department of environmental services has determined that such municipality may reasonably expect to receive an amount of federal aid with respect to a sewer project, may incur indebtedness in anticipation of the receipt of such aid by issuing its note or notes payable not more than 5 years from their dates, except that notes issued for a shorter period than 5 years may be funded and refunded from time to time by the issue of other notes which shall be payable no later than 5 years after the date of issue of the original note or notes creating the indebtedness being funded or refunded. In the case of a city the authority to contract for or accept grants of federal or state aid or both shall be given by a resolution passed in the manner provided in RSA 33:9, and in the case of a town, school district or village district the authority shall be given by a vote by ballot of 2/3 of all the voters present and voting at an annual or special meeting of such corporation; and the giving of such authority shall be sufficient to authorize the appropriate officers as specified in RSA 33:8 and 9 to issue notes as provided in this section without further proceedings by the municipality. Nothing contained in this section shall be construed to authorize the appropriation of any money in a manner which is inconsistent with laws relating to appropriations of money by municipalities.

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