Section 33:7-a

    33:7-a Temporary Loans. – If a municipality votes to issue bonds or serial notes in accordance with this chapter, or when bonds have been authorized by a county convention, and such action was in accordance with the provisions of law in all respects, the officers authorized to issue the same may, in the name of the municipality, or county, make a temporary loan or loans in anticipation of the money to be derived from the sale of such bonds or notes and may issue temporary notes therefor from time to time which are payable not later than 5 years from their respective dates of issue. Temporary notes issued for a period of less than 5 years may be renewed or paid from time to time by the issue of other notes, provided that the period from the date of an original note to the maturity of any note issued to renew or pay the same debt shall not exceed 5 years. When a temporary loan is made in anticipation of an issue of bonds or serial notes, the periods within which annual payments of an equivalent amount of the principal of such bonds or serial notes must commence and end under this chapter shall be measured from the date of the original note or notes representing such temporary loan, except that such annual payments need not commence less than one year after the date of such bonds or serial notes. No such notes shall be renewed beyond the third anniversary date of the original notes unless an amount of such notes, at least equal to the first legally payable installment of the bonds in anticipation of which said notes are issued, is paid and retired on or before said third anniversary date and, if such notes are renewed beyond the fourth anniversary date of the original notes, a like amount is paid or retired on or before said fourth anniversary date from funds other than proceeds of the obligation.

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