Section 33:1

    33:1 Definitions. –
This chapter may be referred to as the "Municipal Finance Act." The following terms, when used in this chapter, shall have the meanings set forth below, except when the context in which they are used requires a different meaning:
I. "Municipality" or "municipal corporation," town, city, school district or village district;
II. "Governing board," the selectmen of a town, the commissioners or comparable officers of a village district, and the school board of a school district;
III. "Net indebtedness," all outstanding and authorized indebtedness, heretofore or hereafter incurred by a municipality, exclusive of the following: unmatured tax anticipation notes issued according to law; or notes issued in anticipation of grants of federal or state aid or both; debts incurred for supplying the inhabitants with water or for the construction, enlargement, improvement or maintenance of water works; debts incurred to finance the cost of sewerage systems or enlargements or improvements thereof, or sewage or waste disposal works when the cost thereof is to be financed by sewer rents or sewer assessment; debt incurred pursuant to RSA 31:10; debts incurred to finance energy production projects, the reconstruction or enlargement of a municipally owned utility, or the manufacture or furnishing of light, heat, power or water for the public, or the generation, transmission or sale of energy ultimately sold to the public; debts incurred to finance small scale power facilities under RSA 374-D; debts incurred outside the statutory debt limit of the municipality under any general law or special act heretofore or hereafter enacted (unless otherwise provided in such legislation); and sinking funds and cash applicable solely to the payment of the principal of debts incurred within the debt limit;
IV. "Location," property, parcel, or address where broadband could be purchased by a customer.

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