Section 33-B:1

    33-B:1 Definitions. –
This chapter may be referred to as the "Municipal Revenue Bond Act". For purposes of this chapter, unless a different meaning clearly appears from the context, the following words shall have the following meanings:
I. "Authorized officers" means the treasurer of a municipality or regional water district and the mayor or city manager of a city, the selectmen of a town, and the commissioners or comparable officers of a village district, and the directors, commissioners, or other officers of a regional water district.
II. "Bonds" means any bonds, notes or other evidences of indebtedness issued under this chapter.
III. "Construction" means acquisition, construction, reconstruction, equipping, enlargement or other capital improvement.
III-a. "Governing body" means the board of selectmen in a town, the board of aldermen or council in a city or town with a council, the village commissioners in a village district, or the directors of a regional water district.
IV. "Legislative body" means the city council of a city, and the voters present and voting at an annual or special meeting of a town or village district, or the directors of a regional water district.
V. "Municipality" means a city, town, village district, or communications district formed under RSA 53-G.
V-a. "Regional water district" means an entity formed by agreement between government units pursuant to RSA 53-A, for the purpose of providing and assuring the provision of an adequate and sustainable supply of clean water.
VI. "Revenue-producing facilities" means water works, broadband infrastructure as defined in RSA 38:38, I(e), purchased or constructed to serve any location within a municipality unserved by broadband as defined in RSA 38:38, I(c), sewerage systems, sewage treatment or disposal facilities, solid waste disposal or resource recovery facilities, parking facilities, facilities for the production, generation, transmission, or distribution of electricity or gas, any other real or personal property or interests in a municipality or regional water district owned or controlled by the municipality or regional water district, from the operation of which revenues are or are expected to be derived by the municipality, or regional water district, and qualifying energy conservation and clean energy improvements for which a municipality provides financing pursuant to RSA 53-F.
VII. "Revenues" means any rates, rents, fees, charges and other receipts and moneys held or to be received by or on behalf of a municipality or regional water district from or with respect to the construction, financing, operation and disposition of a revenue-producing facility and all rights to receive the same including, without limitation, rates, rents, fees, charges and other moneys received for the use or occupancy of the facility or any part thereof or any service provided thereby, repayments of loans made in respect of the cost of the facility, grants, loans and other contributions from any governmental unit or any other person for or in respect of proceeds of the lease, sale or other disposition of the facility or any interest therein; revenues shall not include any ad valorem taxes on the real estate and personal property comprising any revenue-producing facility.

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