Section 24:9-f

    24:9-f Meetings of Committees. – Either the chairperson of the convention or the chairperson of the executive committee may call meetings of the executive committee to be held at any time either at the state house in Concord or at any place within the respective county. The members of the executive committee shall be entitled to the same compensation and travel expenses for actual attendance at such meetings as is provided for attendance at meetings of the convention of said county; members of subcommittees, study committees and committees of investigation may receive such compensation as determined by their respective county conventions for the discharge of their official business plus an allowance for travel expenses at the rate set for attendance at meetings of the convention of said county for travel to and from the place of meetings; said sums to be paid from the county treasury, provided that no such compensation and expenses shall be allowed when such meeting is held at the state house in Concord.

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