Section 24:21-b

    24:21-b Strafford County. –
Notwithstanding any other law to the contrary regarding the date for submitting budget estimates, the following procedures shall apply in Strafford county:
I. The county commissioners shall, annually prior to January 15, deliver or mail to each member of the county convention who will be in office on the date that appropriations are voted, and to the chairperson of the board of selectmen in each town, and the mayor of each city within the county, and to the secretary of state, their itemized recommendations of the sums necessary to be raised for the county in the following fiscal year. Such recommendations shall state in detail the objects for which the money is required, together with a statement of actual expenditures and income for at least 9 months of the preceding calendar year. All moneys to be appropriated by the county must be stipulated in the budget on a "gross" basis, showing revenues from all sources, including grants, gifts, bequests and bond issues, as offsetting revenues to appropriations affected.
II. The county convention shall not vote any appropriations for the following budget period until 28 days after the mailing of the recommendations required in paragraph I. Appropriations for the first year of each biennium may not be voted until after the first meeting of the county convention under RSA 24:9-a.

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