Section 24:14

    24:14 Appropriations. –
I. Appropriations by the county convention shall be itemized in detail and a record thereof shall be kept by the clerk of the convention. The executive committee of the county shall have authority to review the expenditures of the county after adoption of the county budget. Such review may occur as often as voted by the executive committee, but no less than twice each year. The convention may require the county commissioners to report once each quarter to the convention or to the executive committee the expenditures of the county as compared to the budget as voted, in such detail as determined by the convention. The county convention may require that the county commissioners obtain written authority from the executive committee before transferring any appropriation or part thereof under RSA 24:15. The county convention may adopt a policy regarding the acceptance of grants.
I-a. In this chapter, an appropriation means an amount of money authorized for a specified purpose by the legislative body.
II. The county convention shall adopt the annual budget within 90 days after the beginning of the county's fiscal year if the county operates on a calendar year basis. If the county operates on an optional fiscal year basis pursuant to RSA 31:94-a, then the county convention shall adopt the annual budget not later than September 1. If the county convention does not adopt the annual budget by the time specified, the budget, as recommended by the commissioners, shall take effect as the county budget.

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