Section 24:10

    24:10 University of New Hampshire Extension: Program Purpose and Intent. –
I. The mission of the university of New Hampshire cooperative extension, also known as UNH cooperative extension, is to educate people so that they can make informed decisions. Cooperative extension programs teach New Hampshire residents in practical ways and offers programs locally in all 10 counties. Research results are presented in a usable manner enabling individuals, family members, business owners, and community leaders to apply this knowledge to their daily needs. In addition, the youth of New Hampshire learn skills and gain knowledge from cooperative extension programs which help them develop into productive and responsible citizens. By training and utilizing volunteers, the cooperative extension reaches more people and reduces program delivery costs. Programs and information provided through the cooperative extension enable New Hampshire to remain economically healthy and competitive by focusing on helping individuals, families, the state's economy, and its natural resources. These efforts result in our state being a better place to live, work, and visit.
II. It is the policy of the state of New Hampshire to recognize and support the historical tripartite cooperative agreement between the county, state, and federal governments enabling implementation of cooperative extension's effective outreach efforts.
III. The state recognizes the commitment of the university of New Hampshire as a land grant institution serving the people of New Hampshire beyond the classroom through the outreach network of cooperative extension as directed by the Smith-Lever Act, as amended by both legislation and appropriation.
IV. Federal funding for cooperative extension has and may continue to expand beyond that provided through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to other departments of the United States government.
V. The capability of cooperative extension is strong and it must continue to increase in order to position itself in serving the people of New Hampshire into the 21st century.
VI. The state endorses the commitments of county conventions and commissioners to the tripartite partnership to the appropriation and expenditure of county funds in support of cooperative extension at the local level.

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