Section 14-B:3

    14-B:3 Duties. –
I. The committee shall be authorized to:
(a) Issue guidelines to elucidate proper and appropriate conduct for individuals relating to the performance of their duties as members, officers, or employees of the legislature. Such guidelines shall be consistent with statute.
(b) Issue interpretative rulings explaining and clarifying any law, guideline, rule or regulation within the jurisdiction of the committee.
(c) Render an advisory opinion, in writing within a reasonable time, in response to a written request by a member, officer, or employee, concerning the application of any law, guideline, rule, or regulation within its jurisdiction to a specific factual situation pertinent to the conduct or proposed conduct of the person seeking the advisory opinion. Any advisory opinion concerning any person subject to the provisions of this chapter who acted in reliance thereon, shall be binding upon the committee, and it shall be an absolute defense in any complaint brought under this chapter or prosecution under RSA 15-A or RSA 14-C that the person complained against acted in reliance upon such advisory opinion.
(d) Receive sworn complaints, and investigate allegations of improper conduct, including sexual harassment against members or retaliation against employees who make good faith allegations of sexual harassment, which may reflect upon the legislature, relating to the conduct of individuals in the performance of their duties as members, officers, or employees of the legislature, and make appropriate findings of fact and conclusions with respect to such conduct. Deliberations on such sworn complaints shall be conducted in nonpublic session and in accordance with procedures set forth in RSA 14-B:4 and established by the committee under RSA 14-B:5. The committee shall consider any sworn complaint and shall conduct its initial review of each complaint in a confidential manner, unless otherwise requested by the legislator, officer, or employee complained against.
(e) Investigate any unauthorized disclosure of information by any committee member or employee of the committee and report to the legislature concerning any allegation which it finds to be substantiated.
II. Before guidelines or amendments thereto become effective, the committee shall distribute such guidelines or amendments to the members of the senate and the house of representatives. Specific guidelines or amendments shall be brought to a vote and approved by a majority vote of both houses within a period of 3 legislative days after distribution before they shall become effective.
III. All actions of the committee shall require an affirmative vote of 4 or more members of the committee before becoming effective.
IV. The committee shall review all financial disclosure forms required by RSA 14-B:8 and shall place the completed forms on file in the office of the secretary of state for purposes of the requirements of RSA 15-A, in accordance with the filing deadlines established under RSA 14-B:8 and RSA 14-B:9. The filing of a financial disclosure form in accordance with RSA 14-B:8 by a representative, senator, or officer of the house of representatives or senate shall satisfy the requirement of filing a statement of financial interest pursuant to RSA 15-A.

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