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AN ACT exempting certain non-regulatory boards, commissions, councils, advisory committees, and task forces from repeal on June 30, 2011, extending the report date of the commission to evaluate the long-term uses of the lakes region facility located in Laconia, and extending the telecommunications planning and development advisory committee.

SPONSORS: Rep. Harding, Graf 11; Rep. Kurk, Hills 7; Rep. Irwin, Hills 3; Sen. Downing, Dist 22; Sen. Cilley, Dist 6

COMMITTEE: Legislative Administration


Pursuant to 2009, 144:87, I(a), section 1 of the bill reinstates certain non-regulatory boards, commissions, councils, advisory committees, and task forces. This portion of the bill is a request of the committee to study the list of non-regulatory boards, commissions, councils, advisory committees, and task forces established in 2009, 144:87, II.

This bill also extends the report date of the commission to evaluate the long-term uses of the lakes region facility located in Laconia to June 30, 2011 and extends the telecommunications planning and development advisory committee to July 1, 2013.

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In the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Ten

AN ACT exempting certain non-regulatory boards, commissions, councils, advisory committees, and task forces from repeal on June 30, 2011, extending the report date of the commission to evaluate the long-term uses of the lakes region facility located in Laconia, and extending the telecommunications planning and development advisory committee.

Be it Enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:

367:1 Reinstated Non-Regulatory Boards, Commissions, Councils, Advisory Committees, and Task Forces. Pursuant to 2009, 144:87, I(a), the following non-regulatory boards, commissions, councils, advisory committees, and task forces are hereby reinstated:

(1) RSA 9:3-a Governor’s Advisory Committee on the Capital Budget

(2) RSA 9-C:4 Interagency Recycling and Product Purchase Committee

(3) RSA 12-A:5 Commission Advisory to the Commissioner of Resources

and Economic Development

(4) RSA 12-A:9-b Connecticut Lakes Headwaters Citizens Committee

(5) RSA 12-A:22-a Economic Development Advisory Council

(6) RSA 12-A:30 Advisory Committee on International Trade

(7) RSA 12-A:32, II Economic Development Matching Grants Program

Screening Committee

(8) RSA 12-G:4 Pease Development Authority Board of Directors

(9) RSA 12-G:44 Division of Ports and Harbors Advisory Council

(10) RSA 12-J:1 Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment Services

(11) RSA 14:14-c Joint Committee on Employee Classification

(12) RSA 14-B:2 Legislative Ethics Committee

(13) RSA 17-C:1 Continuing Committee on Legislator Orientation

(14) RSA 17-E:1 Joint Committee on Legislative Facilities

(15) RSA 19-A:2 New Hampshire State Council on the Arts

(16) RSA 19-H:1 Volunteer NH Board of Directors

(17) RSA 19-K:1 Legislative Youth Advisory Council

(18) RSA 21-H:14-c Interagency Coordinating Council for Women Offenders

(19) RSA 21-P:48 Advisory Council on Emergency Preparedness and


(20) RSA 28-B:1 County-State Finance Commission

(21) RSA 71-B:1 Board of Tax and Land Appeals

(22) RSA 79-A:3 Current Use Board

(23) RSA 99-E:1 State Suggestion and Extraordinary Service Award

Evaluation Committee

(24) RSA 100-A:14 New Hampshire Retirement System Board of Trustees

(25) RSA 100-A:14-b Independent Investment Committee

(26) RSA 100-A:56 State Retiree Health Plan Commission

(27) RSA 100-A:57 Decennial Retirement Commission

(28) RSA 100-C:11 Judicial Retirement Plan Board of Trustees

(29) RSA 101-B:2 Deferred Compensation Commission

(30) RSA 106-H:3 Enhanced 911 Commission

(31) RSA 110-B:62 Scholarship Committee

(32) RSA 115:1 State Veterans Council

(33) RSA 125-F:6 State Radiation Advisory Committee

(34) RSA 125-O:5-a Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Energy Board

(35) RSA 126-A:13 Oversight Committee on Health and Human Services

(36) RSA 126-H:2 and 3 Health Kids Corporation and Healthy Kids Corporation Board

(37) RSA 126-R:2 New Hampshire Council on Suicide Prevention

(38) RSA 141-C:27 Communicable Disease Planning and Response

Ethics Committee

(39) RSA 146-D:4 Oil Fund Disbursement Board

(40) RSA 147-A:4-a Hazardous Waste Facility Siting Board

(41) RSA 162-A:3 Business Finance Authority

(42) RSA 162-C:1 Council on Resources and Development

(43) RSA 162-F:15 Nuclear Decommissioning Financing Committees

(44) RSA 162-H:3 Site Evaluation Committee

(45) RSA 162-L:15 Community Development Advisory Committee

(46) RSA 163-A:1 New England Interstate Planning Commission

(47) RSA 186-C:3-b Advisory Committee on the Education of Children/Students

with Disabilities

(48) RSA 188-E:21 Advanced Manufacturing Education Advisory Council

(49) RSA 193-A:10 Home Education Advisory Council

(50) RSA 193-C:7 Statewide Education Improvement and Assessment

Oversight Committee

(51) RSA 194-B:21 Chartered Public Schools Joint Legislative Oversight


(52) RSA 195-H:2 New Hampshire College Tuition Savings Plan Advisory


(53) RSA 200-A:3 New England Board of Higher Education

(54) RSA 200-B:1 New Hampshire-Vermont Interstate School District Planning


(55) RSA 200-F:1 New Hampshire-Maine Interstate School District Planning


(56) RSA 205-A:25 Board of Manufactured Housing

(57) RSA 206:1 Fish and Game Commission

(58) RSA 213:1 Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission

(59) RSA 213-A:1 Connecticut River Atlantic Salmon Commission

(60) RSA 227-L:26 Northeastern Forest Fire Protection Commission

(61) RSA 227-M:4 New Hampshire Land and Community Heritage Authority

Board of Directors

(62) RSA 238-A:4 New Hampshire Rail Transit Authority Board of


(63) RSA 262:45 Oversight Commission on Motor Vehicle Fines

(64) RSA 314:2-a Electrology Advisory Committee

(65) RSA 328-B:5 Advisory Board of Massage Therapists

(66) RSA 328-E:16 Council on Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine Formulary

(67) RSA 328-H:6 Advisory Board of Reflexology, Structural Integration,

and Asian Bodywork Therapy

(68) RSA 330-C:6 Advisory Committees Created by the Board of Licensing for

Alcohol and Other Drug Use Professionals

(69) RSA 363:28-a Residential Ratepayers Advisory Board

(70) RSA 374:22-h Oversight Committee on Telecommunications

(71) RSA 374-F:5 Legislative Oversight Committee on Electric Utility


(72) RSA 383:24 Advisory Committee on the Public Deposit Investment


(73) RSA 425:17 New Hampshire Region Trustee Board of the Eastern States


(74) RSA 425:22 Board Advisory to the Commissioner of Agriculture,

Markets, and Food

(75) RSA 430:54 Invasive Species Committee

(76) RSA 436:117 Scrapie Certification Board

(77) RSA 482-A:32 Site Selection Committee for Identifying Projects to be

Funded from the Aquatic Resource Compensation

Mitigation Fund

(78) RSA 483:8 Rivers Management Advisory Committee

(79) RSA 487:30 Committee to Study Exotic Aquatic Weeds and Species

in the State of New Hampshire

(80) RSA 494:1 Judicial Council

(81) RSA 541-A:2 Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules

(82) RSA 541-B:2 Board of Claims

(83) RSA 651-E:1 Interbranch Criminal and Juvenile Justice Council.

(84) RSA 4:9-b Committee to Select the Design for a Law Enforcement


(85) RSA 5-C:16 Advisory Committee to Assist the Secretary of State in

Administering the Fund Established Under RSA 5-C:15

(86) RSA 12-A:2-g New Hampshire-Canadian Trade Council

(87) RSA 14:30-a Fiscal Committee

(88) RSA 17-N:1 Joint Legislative Performance Audit and Oversight


(89) RSA 19-L:1 Citizens Trade Policy Commission

(90) RSA 21-L:8 Aviation Users Advisory Board

(91) RSA 21-K:23 New Hampshire Film and Television Commission

(92) RSA 21-M:16 Incapacitated Adult Fatality Review Committee

(93) RSA 33-A:4-a Municipal Records Board

(94) RSA 125-J:11 Air Pollution Advisory Committee

(95) RSA 125-Q:1 New Hampshire Commission on Deafness and Hearing Loss

(96) RSA 126-G:4 Regional Family Support Councils

(97) RSA 126-J:1 Council for Children and Adolescents with Chronic Health

Conditions and Their Families

(98) RSA 126-M:3 Wellness and Primary Prevention Council

(99) RSA 137-K:2 New Hampshire Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Advisory


(100) RSA 153-A:3 Emergency Medical and Trauma Services Coordinating Board

(101) RSA 153-A:5 Emergency Medical Services Control Board

(102) RSA 160-C:13 Permissible Fireworks Review Committee

(103) RSA 161-F:7 State Committee on Aging

(104) RSA 171-A:32 New Hampshire Council on Autism Spectrum Disorders

(105) RSA 171-A:33 Developmental Services Quality Council

(106) RSA 184:80 Milk Sanitation Board

(107) RSA 186:60 Professional Standards Board

(108) RSA 187-A:28-a Public Higher Education Study Committee

(109) RSA 187-A:32 Oversight Committee to Oversee the Operations of the


Research Center

(110) RSA 188-E:15 Pre-Engineering Technology Advisory Council

(111) RSA 189:60 Dropout Prevention and Dropout Recovery Oversight Council

(112) RSA 190:1 Council for Teacher Education

(113) RSA 194-C:11 Legislative Oversight Committee on School Administrative


(114) RSA 195-I:2 Automated External Defibrillator Advisory Commission

(115) RSA 200-G:1 Compact for Education

(116) RSA 216-F:5 New Hampshire Statewide Trail System Advisory Committee

(117) RSA 216-J:1 Hampton Beach Area Commission

(118) RSA 227-C:29 Advisory Committee to the Division of Historical Resources

(119) RSA 227-I:5 State Forest Advisory Board

(120) RSA 228:100 Governor’s Advisory Commission on Intermodal


(121) RSA 233-A:2 Public Water Access Advisory Board

(122) RSA 263:6-b Medical/Vision Advisory Board

(123) RSA 266:59-b, VII OBD II Testing Advisory Committee

(124) RSA 420-G:4-b, III Advisory Committee on the Standard Wellness Plan for Small Employers

(125) RSA 422:37 Skyhaven Airport Advisory Council

(126) RSA 483:8-a Local River Management Advisory Committees

(127) RSA 483-A:6 Lakes Management Committee

(128) RSA 484:1 Connecticut River Flood Control Compact

(129) RSA 485-A:52 Winnipesaukee River Advisory Board

(130) RSA 490:5-a New Hampshire Court Accreditation Commission

(131) RSA 17-J:1 Capital Budget Overview Committee

(132) RSA 17-M:1 Long Range Capital Planning and Utilization Committee

(133) RSA 239-B:1 State Coordinating Council for Community Transportation in

New Hampshire

(134) RSA 115-A:8 State Veterans’ Advisory Committee

(135) RSA 4:9-j Committee to Oversee the Location, Design, and Construction

of a Public Works Employee Memorial

(136) RSA 18:1 Commission to Study Uniform State Laws

(137) RSA 21-M:8-g Victims’ Assistance Commission

(138) RSA 106-K:5 New Hampshire Criminal Justice Information System Board

(139) RSA 126:24-e Institutional Review Board

(140) RSA 126-A:17 Advisory Council on Child Care

(141) RSA 137-F:3 Board of Hearing Care Providers

(142) RSA 141-J:11 New Hampshire Birth Conditions Program Advisory Panel

(143) RSA 171-A:17 Human Rights Committee

(144) RSA 211:60 Advisory Committee on Marine Fisheries

(145) RSA 225-A:3-a Passenger Tramway Safety Board

(146) RSA 238:20 Scenic and Cultural Byways Council

(147) RSA 261:97-d New Hampshire Conservation Number Plate Advisory


(148) RSA 281-A:62 Advisory Council on Workers’ Compensation

(149) RSA 282-A:128 Advisory Council on Unemployment Compensation

(150) RSA 621-A:9 Juvenile Justice Advisory Board

(151) 2009, 19:1 New Hampshire Drug Use Review Board

(152) 2008, 73:3 Arboviral Illness Task Force

367:2 Commission to Evaluate the Long-Term Uses of the Lakes Region Facility Located in Laconia; Report Date Extended. Amend 2009, 144:282, V to read as follows:

V. The commission shall report its findings and any recommendations for uses of the property to the chairman of the long range capital planning and utilization committee, the speaker of the house of representatives, the president of the senate, the house clerk, the senate clerk, and the governor and executive councilors on or before June 30, [2010] 2011.

367:3 Telecommunications Planning and Development Advisory Committee; Prospective Repeal Date Amended. Amend 2000, 298:7, I, as amended by 2003, 7:2 and 2007, 315:2 to read as follows:

I. Section 6 of this act shall take effect [July 1, 2010] July 1, 2013.

367:4 Telecommunications Planning and Development Advisory Committee; Report Date Amended. Amend RSA 12-A:46, IX to read as follows:

IX. The committee shall report its findings and recommendations to the director in the form of an interim report on or before December 1, 2007 and a final report on or before [June 1, 2008] June 1, 2013.

367:5 Effective Date. This act shall take effect July 1, 2010.

Approved: July 23, 2010

Effective Date: July 1, 2010