Representative Susan Vandecasteele (R)

Rockingham - District 8

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Home Address

8 Webb Street
Salem, NH  03079
Seat #: 1020

Additional Information

House Committee Information
Committee Name: Legislative Administration
Position:  Member
Committee Phone:  603-271-3529
Committee Function:
It shall be the duty of the Committee on Legislative Administration to consider all matters pertaining to the legislative process including mileage, elections, the journal, house resolutions and screening; enrolling bills; creation of statutory and chapter study committees and like entities which address the legislature and its procedures; and such other matters relating to legislative administration as may be referred to the committee. Any matter referred by the chairman to any subcommittee may be reported by that subcommittee directly to the House unless otherwise ordered by the chairman.

Personal Biography
My name is Susan Jon Vandecasteele a 54 year old single women. I have two baby girls, one is 13 years old and another that is 27 years old, both completely different!
I have a younger brother and a older sister that are my biggest supporters. I have lost both my parents and my oldest brother but they are with me every day. My parents gave me the gift of life! My mother gave me my voice, my independence and the confidence that I could be heard! My father gave me knowledge, an automotive trade of generations of men passed on to him and he believed I could do anything I wanted in this life and the passion to achieve..!
That is who I am, very outgoing, outspoken and unfiltered, but faithful and honest! I am also raising two young women the same...we can do anything if we want it hard enough, well here I am...!
Local Government Involvement
I'm working on it! I'm here and want to be heard. The voters of the town know I will represent them the best that I can. I'm looking forward to the future!