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Bill Title: (New Title) extending the commission on the seacoast cancer cluster investigation, setting the maximum contaminant levels for certain perfluorochemicals in drinking water, establishing a per and polyfluoroalkyl substances fund and programs and making an appropriation therefor, requiring insurance coverage for PFAS and PFC blood tests, and expanding the statute governing ambient groundwater quality standards.
  General Status:  
LSR#: 2641 Body: H Local Govt: N Chapter#: 0030 Gen Status: SIGNED BY GOVERNOR
  House Status   This Bill Has a Roll Call!!   
  Status   CONCURRED
  Status Date  
  Current Committee   Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs
  Committee of Referral   Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs
  Date Introduced   1/8/2020
  Due out of Committee   3/5/2020
  Floor Date   2/19/2020
  Senate Status


  Status Date   6/16/2020
  Current Committee   Health and Human Services
  Committee of Referral   Health and Human Services
  Date Introduced   3/11/2020
  Due out of Committee  
  Floor Date   6/16/2020
David Meuse (D) Rebecca McBeath (D) Tom Sherman (D)
Robert Renny Cushing (D) Debra Altschiller (D) Patricia Bushway (D)
Tamara Le (D)
   Next/Last Hearing: SENATE Health and Human Services
Date: Time: Place: Majority Report: Minority Report:
06/02/2020  08:00 AM  Offsite Room 9999      None
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