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  House History
Bill Title: establishing a tax credit against business profits taxes for donations to career and technical education centers.
  General Status:  
LSR#: 227 Body: S Local Govt: N Chapter#: None Gen Status: SENATE
  Senate Status   This Bill Has a Roll Call!!   
  Status Date   1/3/2018
  Current Committee   Ways and Means
  Committee of Referral   Ways and Means
  Date Introduced   1/5/2017
  Due out of Committee  
  Floor Date   1/3/2018
  House Status


  Status Date  
  Current Committee  
  Committee of Referral  
  Date Introduced  
  Due out of Committee  
  Floor Date  
David Watters (D) Bill Gannon (R) Patricia Cornell (D)
Scott McGilvray (D) Martha Hennessey (D) Thomas Southworth (D)
Lou D'Allesandro (D) Donna Soucy (D) Mary Gile (d)
Jeb Bradley (R) Jeff Woodburn (D) James Grenier (r)
Martha Fuller Clark (D)
   Next/Last Hearing: SENATE Ways and Means
Date: Time: Place: Majority Report: Minority Report:
02/01/2017  09:00 AM  SH Room 100      None
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