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  House History
  House History
Bill Title: relative to Medicaid managed care.
  General Status:  
LSR#: 215 Body: S Local Govt: N Chapter#: 0125 Gen Status: SIGNED BY GOVERNOR
  Senate Status   This Bill Has Streaming Audio!!   
  Status   CONCURRED
  Status Date   5/4/2011
  Current Committee   Finance
  Committee of Referral   Health and Human Services
  Date Introduced   1/19/2011
  Due out of Committee  
  Floor Date   3/23/2011
  House Status


  Status Date   4/27/2011
  Current Committee   Ways and Means
  Committee of Referral   Ways and Means
  Date Introduced   3/17/2011
  Due out of Committee   5/26/2011
  Floor Date   4/27/2011
Jeb Bradley (R) Fenton Groen (r) Andy Sanborn (R)
Tom De Blois (r) Gary Lambert (r) Raymond White (r)
Jeanie Forrester (R) Jim Luther (r) John Barnes, Jr. (r)
James Forsythe (r) Chuck Morse (R) David Boutin (R)
John Gallus (r) Bob Odell (r) Sharon Carson (R)
   Next/Last Hearing: HOUSE Ways and Means
Date: Time: Place: Majority Report: Minority Report:
04/12/2011  01:00 PM  LOB 202  Ought to Pass Amended    None
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