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Bill Title: (New Title) relative to the regulation of pharmacists and prescription drug orders, relative to the use of non-original containers to organize prescription and nonprescription drugs, and relative to the management of certain plan benefits under Medicaid by the department of health and human services.

Official Docket of
Date Body Description
6/26/2001HIntroduced and ref to Exec Depts & Admin; HJ78, p1994
12/14/2001HCopy to Chairman on 12/18/2001 Report due on 2/21/2002
12/14/2001HHearing Feb 5 10:00 RM100, State House
2/12/2002H Subcom Work Session Feb 20 9:00 RM105-A,St House
2/20/2002HMaj Report OTP for Mar 6 (vote 14-0;CC)
3/6/2002HPassed; HJ25, p956 + 1036
3/14/2002SIntroduced and Ref. to Executive Departments & Administration; SJ 7, Pg.198
3/22/2002SHearing; === CANCELLED === April 3, 2002, Room 104, LOB, 1:45 p.m.; SC18
3/29/2002SHearing; === CANCELLED === April 17, 2002, Room 104, LOB, 1:15 p.m.; SC20A
4/2/2002SHearing; === RESCHEDULED === April 9, 2002, Room 103, LOB, 8:30 a.m.; SC21
4/9/2002SHearing; === RECESSED === RECONVENE === April 17, 2002, Room 104, LOB, 1:30 p.m.; SC24
4/10/2002SCommittee Report; Ought to Pass with Amendment {3389}, (New Title) [04/11/02]; SC24A, Pg.23-24
4/11/2002SOught to Pass with Amendment {3389},(New Title); [Not Voted On]; SJ 10, Pg.331-333
4/11/2002SSen. Prescott Moved Laid On Table, MA, VV; SJ 10, Pg.333
4/16/2002SSen. Hollingworth Served Notice Of Reconsideration; SJ 11, Pg.351
4/18/2002SSen. Hollingworth Remove From Table, MA, VV; SJ 12, Pg.417
4/18/2002SOught to Pass with Amendment {3389}, AF; SJ 12, Pg.417
4/18/2002SOught to Pass, MA, VV; SJ 12, Pg.417
4/18/2002SSen. Francoeur Floor Amendment {3615},(New Title), AA, VV; SJ 12, Pg.417-419
4/18/2002SOT3rdg; RC 23y - 0n, MA; SJ 12, Pg.419
4/25/2002HHouse Conc with Sen Am, Rep Peterson MA VV; HJ38, p1446
5/2/2002HEnrolled; HJ44, p1527
5/2/2002SEnrolled; SJ 14, Pg.580-581
5/23/2002HBecame Law Without Signature on 5/23/2002 Eff: 5/23/2002* Chap: 0281
5/23/2002H *Multiple Effective Dates, All except Sec. 9 eff: 7/22/2002
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