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Bill Title: (New Title) relative to legal recognition of out-of-state marriages and establishing a commission to examine all aspects of same sex civil marriage and its legal equivalents.

Official Docket of
Date Body Description
1/7/2004SIntroduced and Referred to Public Institutions, Health & Human Services; SJ 1, Pg.8
2/2/2004SHearing; February 17, 2004, Room 103, SH, 3:30 p.m.; SC6
2/11/2004SHearing; === TIME CHANGE === February 17, 2004, Room 103, SH, 1:00 p.m.; SC7
2/12/2004SHearing; === ROOM CHANGE === February 17, 2004, Room 100, SH, 1:00 p.m.; SC7
2/13/2004SHearing; === ROOM CHANGE === February 17, 2004, Rooms 205-207, LOB 1:00 p.m.
3/4/2004SCommittee Report; Ought to Pass [03/11/04]; SC10
3/11/2004SOught to Pass, RC 16Y-7N, MA; OT3rdg; SJ 8, Pg.162
3/11/2004SPassed by 3rd Reading Resolution; SJ 8, Pg.176
3/18/2004HIntroduced and ref to Judiciary; HJ 27, p 1097
3/23/2004HHearing Apr 7 9:30 Rep's Hall
3/31/2004H Exec Session Apr 20 10:00 RMs206-208,LOB
4/21/2004H Rep Elliott Prop Fl Am{1339}; HC 30, p 1215
4/21/2004HMaj Report OTP/AM for Apr 29 (vote 13-8;Reg)
4/21/2004HMin Report ITL
4/21/2004H Prop Maj Am{1323}(New Title); HC 30, p 1214-1215
4/29/2004HComm Maj Am{1323}(NT), AA RC(213-140); Rep Lasky Fl Am{1410}, AL RC(143-210); Rep Letourneau
4/29/2004H Fl Am{1430}, AL DIV(57-294); Rep Phinizy moved Lay on the Table, ML RC(139-212); Passed with Am
4/29/2004H RC(215-137); HJ 33, p 1357-1368 + 1383
4/29/2004HRep Burling moved to print debate, MA RC(197-154); HJ 33, p 1368-1370
5/6/2004SSen. Martel Moved to Concur with House Amendment, MA, VV; SJ 15, Pg.441
5/6/2004HEnrolled; HJ 39, p 1544
5/6/2004SEnrolled; SJ 15-A, Pg.491
5/20/2004SSigned by the Governor on 05/14/2004 Eff: 05/14/2004 Chap: 0100
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