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Bill Title: (New Title) relative to requirements for certain alcohol and other drug use professionals and establishing a state substance use disorder treatment services program.

Official Docket of
Date Body Description
12/20/2017S To Be Introduced 01/03/2018 and Referred to Health and Human Services; SJ 1
1/18/2018S Hearing: 01/25/2018, Room 101, LOB, 09:15 am; SC 4
3/15/2018SCommittee Report: Ought to Pass with Amendment #2018-1098s, 03/21/2018; SC 13
3/21/2018SCommittee Amendment #2018-1098s, AA, VV; 03/21/2018; SJ 9
3/21/2018SOught to Pass with Amendment 2018-1098s, RC 22Y-0N, MA; OT3rdg; 03/21/2018; SJ 9
3/27/2018H Introduced 03/22/2018 and referred to Executive Departments and Administration HJ 10 P. 53
3/28/2018H Public Hearing: 04/11/2018 02:15 PM LOB 306
4/12/2018H Subcommittee Work Session: 04/17/2018 09:00 AM LOB 308
4/17/2018H Subcommittee Work Session: 04/24/2018 09:30 AM LOB 306
4/25/2018H Executive Session: 04/24/2018 LOB 306
4/25/2018H Committee Report: Ought to Pass with Amendment #2018-1750h (NT) for 05/02/2018 (Vote 19-0; CC) HC 17 P. 6
5/2/2018HAmendment #2018-1750h: AA VV 05/02/2018
5/2/2018HOught to Pass with Amendment 1750h: MA VV 05/02/2018
5/10/2018SSen. Bradley Moved Nonconcur with the House Amendment; Requests C of C, MA, VV; 05/10/2018; SJ 17
5/10/2018SPresident Appoints: Senators Bradley, Gray, Feltes; 05/10/2018; SJ 17
5/10/2018HHouse Accedes to Senate Request for CofC (Rep. McGuire): MA VV 05/10/2018
5/10/2018HSpeaker Appoints: Reps. Beaudoin, Schultz, Sytek, Hansen 05/10/2018
5/10/2018S Committee of Conference Meeting: 05/14/2018, 01:00 pm, Room 100, SH
5/17/2018HConference Committee Report #2018-1978c Filed 05/17/2018; House Amendment + New Amendment
5/23/2018HConference Committee Report 1978c: Adopted, VV 05/23/2018
5/23/2018SConference Committee Report #2018-1978c, Adopted, VV; 05/23/2018; SJ 18
6/5/2018HEnrolled Bill Amendment #2018-2111e: AA VV 05/23/2018
6/6/2018SEnrolled Bill Amendment #2018-2111e Adopted, VV, (In recess of 05/23/2018); SJ 18
6/11/2018HEnrolled 05/23/2018
6/13/2018SEnrolled (In recess 05/23/2018); SJ 18
7/5/2018SSigned by the Governor on 07/02/2018; Chapter 0364
7/5/2018SI. Section 6-11 Effective 09/30/2018
7/5/2018SII. Remainder shall take effect 07/02/2018
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