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Bill Title: relative to challenges to voters.

Official Docket of
Date Body Description
11/18/2011HIntroduced 1/4/2012 and Referred to Election Law
1/18/2012HPublic Hearing: 1/24/2012 1:00 PM LOB 308
2/8/2012HExecutive Session: 2/14/2012 2:00 PM LOB 308
2/14/2012HMajority Committee Report: Ought to Pass for Feb 22 (Vote 10-6; RC); HC 14, PG.810
2/14/2012HMinority Committee Report: Inexpedient to Legislate; HC 14, PG.810
2/22/2012HLay On The Table (Rep D.L.C.Christensen): MF RC 126-216; HJ 20, PG.1217-1218
2/22/2012HOught to Pass: MA RC 212-129; HJ 20, PG.1219-1220
3/7/2012SIntroduced and Referred to Public and Municipal Affairs; SJ 7, Pg.186
3/28/2012SHearing: 4/3/12, Room 101, LOB, 10:15 a.m.; SC13
4/4/2012SCommittee Report: Inexpedient to Legislate, 4/11/12; Vote 5-0; CC; SC14
4/11/2012SInexpedient to Legislate, MA, VV === BILL KILLED ===; SJ 9, Pg.338
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